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Mountain View Public Library

Reserve the Conference Room

How to reserve our Conference Room

Who may use:


The public meeting room may be available for meetings or exhibits as long as the space is not being utilized by the Library or the City of Mountain View.


 Non-profit/Civic Organizations:


            The Library meeting room is available for booking by non-profit/civic/business organizations.  We expect all groups to make use of the room in a careful and dignified manner.  We ask for the cooperation of all users in observing rules and responsibilites governing the room in order to assure ites continued availability. 


 Social, Business and Non-profit groups:


            The room may be reserved for use by business/non-profit/civic organizations and social groups for a fee. 

  • Room fee- over 2 hours after library hours: $25.00
  • Groups provide own cleaning supplies i.e.- vacuum


 Reservation of the meeting room:


            Requests for the use of the facility shall be made through the library staff who will book the room on a first come-first use basis.  Application for its use must be made in advance and in person.  Persons requesting the reservation of the room must be 18 years of age or older.  All fees due are to be paid at the time of picking up keys or at least one working day ahead of use.


 Availability of meeting room----Priority/Frequency/Hours:


            The library’s own meetings, both for the staff and the public, will be given priority.  The meeting room is available for use during library hours.  Special arrangements for meetings which extend beyond the library’s regular closing time may be made with the approval of the Library Director. 


Financial responsibility:


            The person reserving the meeting room agrees to pay for the replacement or repair (at the library’s choice) of any lost or damaged property which occurred during the reserver's use of facility. 


 Money and Meetings:


  • All meetings must be open to the public. Nothing can be sold, no admission may be charged, no solicitation for money may occur, and no sales pitch can be made.
  • Tobacco products and alcohol use are prohibited on library premises.
  • Tacking, nailing, and or pinning objects to any surface in the building is prohibited. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling.  Use of sand, glitter, water, tape, candles or potentially destructive objects in the meeting room will not be permitted.
  • Organizations or groups desiring to use library equipment in the meeting rooms must request permission to use when applying for the meeting room.
  • Library personnel will not accept telephone calls for persons in the meeting room. In case of emergency, messages will be delivered to the room door.
  • The library cannot provide personnel to assist in the preparation for, and/or presentation of any program, unless the program topic is related to services provided at the Mountain View Public Library.
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